Throwback to September: A month of awards and recognition


September gave us many reasons to cheer. Besides events where new and returning guests continued to lavish us with their praise and appreciation, our Single Malts bagged some of the most prestigious awards, and got featured by Playboy and The Telegraph UK. Here’s a brief look at the month that was and all that it brought with it.



Luxury Masters of 2016

In August The Spirits Business staged its inaugural Luxury Masters competition. Their intention was to find and reward the finest luxury spirits brands available from all categories. Followed by a blind tasting, our expressions won across various categories. Paul John Brilliance was awarded Gold in the Super Premium class. Paul John Peated Select Cask bagged the Ultra Premium Gold. Paul John Edited and Paul John Classic Select Cask won Ultra Premium Silver.


Spirits Selection Award

Since its inception, Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles has emerged as one of the most prestigious international events, rewarding spirits from across the globe. What makes this award unique is the rigorous judging process by reputable judges, and subsequent checks on the award-winning entries (to ensure that the quality is upheld). And two of our expressions, Paul John Bold and Paul John Peated were awarded Gold.


Whisky Magazine Editor’s Choice Award

The Whisky Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award was given to Paul John Peated Select Cask. The fine dram impressed both the judges who awarded it 94 and 93 points respectively. You can read more about it here.




Playboy – Old whiskey is too expensive. Drink these spirits instead.
Jason Horn at Playboy believes that when “former old favourite whiskies are (now) out of reach for lots of drinkers”, one needs to switch to the newer alternatives. In his article titled, ‘Old Whiskey Is Too Expensive. Drink These Spirits Instead.’ he covers a range of choices “from rum to brandy to tequila to some intriguing younger whiskies” that “deliver the same kind of deeply oaky notes whiskey lovers crave. Plus, they’re all quite a bit more affordable than a 20-year-old Bourbon or Scotch”. Among them, he includes Paul John Edited. He says that, “this bottle can run easily with peaty Scotches aged well more than a decade and selling for well over $100.” Well, after this, you’ve got to try it, right? Read more at Playboy.



The Telegraph – Three surprising countries making world-class whisky

In a video article titled, ‘Three surprising countries making world-class whisky’, drinks writers Neil Ridley and Joel Harrison discuss Paul John Classic Select Cask. Joel Harrison describes the “incredible flavours on the palate” left behind by this whisky, and goes to say that it has “all the hallmarks of a well-made Scotch whisky”. But he also makes a distinction by saying that, “there is something else – a definite DNA and real distinct personality” that gives it its own identity. Watch the video at The Telegraph, UK.


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