A Beginners Guide to Finding the Right Whisky

Published by Greg Dillon on  WorldWhiskyDay.com.

There’s a literal world of whisky out there, but while we know that’s cause for celebration it can also be a daunting prospect – particularly if you’re new to the category. What’s what? Where to start? What to try?

To get you on your way we’ve put together a guide with the help of Greg Dillon, Editor of the ever-excellent whisky blog GreatDrams and Whisk(e)y Wizard at The Dram Team. It details several of the most important styles of world whisky and who’s likely to enjoy them and includes product recommendations for each.




India consumes a vast amount of whisky, and producers have no regulations like they do in Scotland. Some of it is made with molasses, making it closer to rum than whisky. That said, there are some genuinely incredible and well-made whiskies coming out of the subcontinent just now.


Explorers with open minds.


Paul John Peated: Paul John’s passion for creating brilliant whisky knows no bounds. All they want to do is create interesting whisky and a diverse flavour profile. Paul John Peated is stunning – such a well-integrated peat flavour. It displays the brilliance of Indian whisky and just what can be done when it’s done really well.

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Paul John Whisky

Paul John Whisky