Enjoy the Monsoons with The Great Indian Single Malt

Enjoy the Monsoons with The Great Indian Single Malt
After a simmering hot summer in India, respite is here at last. The Monsoons have officially arrived, and we are loving every bit of it. The tourists have left the shores of Goa, but little do they know that Goa gets prettier in the Monsoons. The smell of fresh earth after the first rains never fails to lift our spirits! And the lush green cover is a sight to behold. The Arabian Sea, with its choppy waves, reflects the mood of the gloomy overcast skies. And when the heavens rumble and crackle with thunder, all you want to do is sink into a cozy chair with a book, and your favourite Paul John Indian Single Malt.

Here are some of our Monsoon recommendations for Goa.

1. Take long walks
Don’t mind the rain, and step out for a nice long walk. Since it is officially ‘off-season’ the beaches are not crowded, and you can enjoy a moment of peace with Mother Nature. You can also walk down the lanes and by-lanes of Goa, taking in the brightly coloured homes, and Portuguese architecture. Carry your camera along.

2. Visit wildlife reserves
Not many know that Goa is also home to some of the most stunning wildlife sanctuaries in India. And they are open even in the rains (unlike the reserves in other parts of the country)! Make a trip to Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, located in North Goa near Valpoi. This sanctuary is home to the Royal Bengal Tigers. The Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary, Mollem National Park and Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary are also highly recommended.

3. Trek to the Dudhsagar Falls
There’s something magical about visiting these falls in the Monsoons. The falls are in their full glory, with the streams gushing and fed by rain. It almost seems like a milky cascade, and that’s how the falls have earned their name.

4. Shacklife and nightlife
A visit to the shacks of Goa is an absolute must! Being off-season, there are only a few open. But make sure you explore them. You can enjoy the freshest seafood and most authentic local cuisine at these shacks. While away hours a whole afternoon, eating the food, sipping on your favourite Paul John Single Malt and staring at the sea. And after a lazy day spent in the shacks, you can hit any of the night clubs. Another signature offering of Goa.

5. Take home the best gift of Goa – Paul John Indian Single Malts
Take home the best gift of Goa – Paul John Indian Single Malts
If you’re looking for souvenirs to take home, we recommend our Single Malts. Our much-awarded and highly rated expressions are the essence of Goa, and India. And you couldn’t ask for a better gift (for yourself, or to give others).

So, do drop by! Cheers!

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