The mystique of The Great Indian Single Malt needs to be unraveled with great mastery. Here is how you can bring alive the many facets of Goa and experience all the heady sensations it has to offer.


Pour yourself a small peg of the Single Malt. For the best experience, use a snifter, or a tulip glass. Allow it
to breathe for at least ten minutes.


Now swirl it around gently, letting the Single Malt coat the glass. As the volatile vapours break free, the first hint of aromas
sets in. Take a moment to admire the consistency of the amber liquid as it coats your glass.


Your sense of smell will truly transport you to Goa. Holding the rim of the glass an inch away from your nose, tilt the glass slightly towards yourself. Gently breathe in the aromas. Let the notes flutter in. Free your senses to explore every inch of Goa.


To experience The Great Indian Single Malt at its best, do not add any water. But if you do wish to underplay the flavours a bit, add no more than a few droplets of water.


Savour Goa by taking the tiniest of sips. Take in just enough to coat your mouth. Swirl it around your tongue, tantalising every single taste bud. Feel the consistency. Let the flavours speak. Then swallow it.


The finish lets you linger, allowing you to savour The Great Indian Single Malt for a little longer. The aftertaste leaves you with a subtle yet distinct impression.

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