This singular combination was a legacy of the British. But finding the right balance is key to enhancing the experience. Some people prefer cigars that complement their Single Malts, while others prefer pairing opposites.

Pick something mild to go hand in hand with The Great Indian Single Malt. For instance, Paul John Single Cask whiskies are full of character. Their precious flavours ought to be savoured in all their glory. Light a cigar that allows for this.

Here are a few tips to help you with our other Single Malts.

A mild cigar and mild Single Malt

When two mild flavours are combined, every subtle nuance comes to the fore. The lightness of the Single Malt seeks out the cigar’s flavours, resulting in a unique experience. For instance, pairing Paul John Brilliance with a mild cigar like
La Flor Dominicana can bring out its smooth, balanced overtones of honey. The mild flavours of the cigar, with accents of
the Dominican Republic, further enhance the experience. Making it absolutely luxurious.

A strong cigar and strong Single Malt

Pairing two strong personalities might seem like a bit much, but it is this very similarity that works in your favour. Each flavour complements the other, overshadowing any weaknesses, and brings out the best in your Single Malt and cigar. We suggest you try it yourself. Pair our strong Select Cask Peated with Joya de Nicaragua Antaño 1970. The peated flavours combine well with the full-bodied, robust ones of the cigar. Resulting in a rich, potent burst of flavours.

A strong cigar and mild Single Malt

When you pair these opposites, the mild Single Malt takes the pungency off a strong cigar, arming the Single Malt with more gusto. Take Paul John Edited. Known for being slightly peaty and very aromatic, Edited is laced with the sweetness of honey.
It is just the thing you need to tone down a full-bodied cigar like La Aurora 100 Anos, which is made with rare Corojo tobacco. As the twain meet, the result is well balanced and harmonious.

A mild Cigar and strong Single Malt

Opposites do attract. A strong Single Malt provides the much-needed enhancement and smoothness to a mild cigar, bringing out the best characteristics in both. Like, when you pair our Select Cask Classic, a big flavoured whisky, with something mellow like Macanudo. The heavy aromas of the Single Malt are softened by the soothing calm of the cigar.

Home to our distilleries, Goa is always brimming with life.

Located on the West coast of India, Goa was a former Portuguese colony. The influence of this rich colonial heritage has seeped into the very fabric of life here. The place, its people, their music, food and architecture resonate the glorious past, while blending in perfectly with the times today.

The Portuguese may have left its shores, but travelers from across the world continue to throng the sunny, white sand beaches of Goa. The friendly locals make everyone feel at home. Their easy-going, laidback way of life makes you take a pause and relish the moment.

Goan Cuisine

Goa has always been one big melting pot of cultures. And that is reflected in its food. Intense, full of flavour and spice, Goan cuisine is all that you’d expect from a tropical paradise. The local food draws from native Hindu recipes, four hundred years of Portuguese colonialism and bits and pieces from all the travelers who’ve made Goa their home. If food could speak, Goan cuisine would narrate tomes of its history.

Goan Music

Merry bohemianism has been the way of life in Goa. One can hear the notes of a guitar, banjo or mandolin, played by the bonfires on the beaches. The music, like everything else here, has sweet refrains of Portugal in it. The piano, violin and mandolin, brought in by the Portuguese, added an unexpected, new dimension to the traditional local music – giving it a distinct Goan twang!

Goan Architecture

While the coast of Goa is dotted with the crumbling ruins of Portuguese forts, the narrow, quaint bylanes are a treasure trove of history. The charming bungalows dating back to another era have intricate wrought iron balconies, well-shaded front balcãos, oyster-shell windows and central saquãos. The Portuguese gifted many of these heritage properties to wealthy local merchants. Today, some of these bungalows have been restored and converted into exclusive boutique hotels where one can experience Goa in its truest form.

Paul John Whisky

Paul John Whisky

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