First Indian Single Malt to Win 50+ International Awards in Just 5 Years

Paul John Brilliance Goa 1
Paul John Brilliance, a flagship expression, is one of our most lauded Single Malts.


Paul John is an exquisite and intriguing range of whiskies born on the sunny shores of Goa, India. Chairman Mr. Paul P. John’s vision is to create true world-class single malt whisky, while incorporating all the cultural nuances of India. These unique single malts have been carefully hand crafted by our Master Distiller, Michael D’souza. The rich heritage and traditions of India and Goa seep into every dram. Our whisky is double distilled in traditional copper pot stills, using only indigenous ingredients, to ensure that the character of this inimitable ‘terroir’ is maintained.


Copper Wash Sills Goa
Pure Indian Copper was used to make these mammoth 12,500 L wash stills.


What Makes Paul John Single Malts an Unique Indian Single Malt?

Though 90% of Indian whisky is distilled from molasses, Paul John believes in using high quality 6-row barley from the Himalayan foothills in Northern India. With higher protein and tannin levels when compared to Scottish 2-row barley, this immediately distinguishes our whiskies from any other, imparting its unique character and taste.


Himalayan 6-row barley imparts our whiskies their special character and taste, setting us apart from any other Scottish whisky.


De-mineralized water from deep under the Western Ghats imparts its own vivid vitality to our whiskies. Combined with our non chill-filtration process, this produces a whisky that is wholly Indian in structure as well as taste. Matured in the tropics, Whisky Experts put a year of maturation at our distilleries at an equivalent of anywhere between 3 to 6 years of maturation in the arctic temperatures of the Scottish Highlands. Imported American Oak and ex-bourbon casks round off a perfect dram that transports you to India with every sip!


Paul John Oloroso Cask Goa
Whiskies are matured in the open or in our specially constructed underground cellar, or a mixture of the two to create a masterful blend.


Paul John’s International Award Winning Streak

Since its launch in the United Kingdom in 2012, Paul John single malts have taken the world by storm, whipping up a flurry of awards from all quarters. All our 6 expressions have been rated Liquid Gold by Jim Murray, with Edited scoring an astounding 96.5 points and Peated Select Cask not far behind at 96! At the recent San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC) 2017, we were awarded 3 Double Gold and 2 Silver medals. SFWSC 2017 also saw Bold acclaimed as the Best Other Whisky, beating out 100 other World Whiskies – the first ever Indian Whisky to have achieved this distinction in the history of the competition.

Paul John Single Malts have done exceedingly well at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, The Ultimate Spirits Challenge, The Wizards of Whisky Awards and The Spirits Business Awards in addition to being rated Liquid Gold by Jim Murray.

Classic and Peated were awarded the title of Best Indian Whisky at the World Whiskies Awards in 2016 and 2017, respectively. Our expressions have won distinctions at the Malt Maniacs Awards, The Spirits Selection awards, Oran Mor, and many, many more.
Paul John Single Malts have had a stellar showing at The Malt Maniacs Awards (Netherlands), The Spirits Selection Awards (Belgium), Oran Mor (Scotland), and of course, The Icons of Whisky Awards (India).
Paul John Single Malts have had a stellar showing at The Malt Maniacs Awards (Netherlands),
The Spirits Selection Awards (Belgium), Oran Mor (Scotland), and of course, The Icons of Whisky Awards (India).


From our humble beginnings in 2012, we have spread our wings across the world. Paul John single malts are shipped to 28 countries spanning 5 continents .

AustraliaUSAIndiaFranceGermanyEnglandSpainScotlandItalyWalesPolandSwedenBangaloreDelhiPuneChennaiTaiwanQatarDubaiPortugalCanadaBelgiumMumbaiNetherlandsChandigarhSingaporeMalaysiaHyderabadPondicherryChattisgarhNew Zealand

Be it whisky experts or aficionados, amateur appreciators or first time single malt drinkers, Paul John Whisky has earned a place of pride in the world of Single Malts. In an India Vs Scotland series hosted by The Whisky Lounge, A trio of Paul John whiskies even beat their Scottish counterparts! Go on, take a sip and let the sultry Goan breeze and smell of the Arabian sea envelop you with every dram you taste.

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