Goa gets into the spirit of Christmas

We love Goa in December! With Christmas just around the corner, the whole place comes alive with the festive spirit. Fairy lights and paper stars twinkle outside every home. Portly men dressed as Santa spread the cheer. Churches are filled with the sweet melody of carols and hymns. Goa is all ready to embrace the spirit of Christmas.



Historic significance

The Portuguese ruled Goa for over five centuries. And their influence is evident in every walk of Goan life even today – be it their culture, cuisine or architecture. It was also due to the Portuguese regime that Goa has such a huge population of Christians. However, the tradition of celebrating Christmas has transcended religious bounds, and is today an occasion to celebrate with family and friends.

The grand old renaissance and baroque churches of Goa are restored to former glory and beautifully bedecked through the season. Step into these churches and be transported to another era.

Festive food

Rum soaked plum cakes are synonymous with Christmas in Goa. But there are other delicious treats too. During Christmas, Goans share special delicacies with their neighbours called ‘Kuswar’. Typically there are about 22 items as part of the Kuswar, but the time-pressed modern generation has cut this down to a more convenient selection.

Our favourites Goan treats include Bebinca, Dodol, Nankaties and Perada to name a few.

Things to do

December brings with it travelers from around the world. The weather is just perfect for a sunny beach holiday. While North Goa has bustling beaches with a vibrant nightlife, shacks and water sports, the South is quiet and far from the madding crowd. The revelries begin well before Christmas and go on till New Year. So if you’re planning a trip make sure you don’t miss out on the best season in Goa.

Our connection

Goa is home to our distillery. We share a special love for this wonderful place, it’s friendly people and delightful celebrations and this Christmas we invite you to join us at Goa to celebrate together!

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