The Great Indian Single Malt is going places

It’s been a crazy few weeks for us. A good kind of crazy. We were busy launching Paul John Indian Single Malts in three new places. Each expression was handpicked to give Indian and international whisky lovers better access to our Single Malt Expressions. We’ve given the details below (if you haven’t followed this news on our social media pages already).


Bengaluru Duty Free
Bengaluru (or Bangalore) is a cosmopolitan city. It was always known for its huge IT community (with many expats living here). But in recent years it has also become popular as the start-up capital of India. With people from all over the world visiting this city, it has become a melting pot of cultures.

While one can already buy our whiskies in Bengaluru, we felt the need to also place our products at the Bengaluru Duty Free. Who doesn’t love taking home a good souvenir, right?


Qatar Duty Free

Shopping at the Qatar Duty Free is a truly luxurious experience. It is a 40,000 sq ft retail and gourmet heaven. Moreover, with over 30 million travellers passing through this airport last year alone, we couldn’t resist being a part of this experience.

Do drop by and pick your favourite Paul John Indian Single Malt expressions the next time you’re there.


Taiwan launch

Home to two major distilleries, Taiwan makes one of the finest whiskies in the world. But the appetite of the young and fashionable Taiwanese whisky lovers isn’t easily satiated. They are constantly looking for new, varied experiences. And that’s where our Single Malts come in. Seizing the opportunity, and the demand, we launched our whiskies there this month.

To celebrate our foray into Taiwan, we hosted a lunch for select members of the media. The overwhelming response our single malt expressions received warmed our hearts, making us feel right at home.

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