Host a Tasting Session with The Great Indian Single Malt


We’ve always said this. India is a great place for a holiday. The sheer diversity of this country is astounding. From historic ruins to modern metropolises, from tropical rainforests to scorching hot deserts, from beaches to mountains, India has something to offer to any kind of traveler. You take back a trove of tales and souvenirs for loved ones. And if you are a whisky lover, you also take home Paul John, The Great Indian Single Malt.

To relive the good times you’ve had in India, call your friends over and share your experiences over Paul John Indian Single Malts. You could host a tasting session, share your anecdotes and bring India alive with each dram you pour.

But how do you host a tasting session with The Great Indian Single Malt? It’s fairly simple. Here’s a checklist to help you create a perfect evening.

1. Keep it personal and intimate

You don’t need to get very formal to host a tasting session. Keep it causal, and just be yourself.

2. Prepare well in advance


Do up your living room (or study, or patio, or wherever you wish to host this gathering). It’s better to have your guests seated than standing. Lay out everything they’d need on a table in front of each seat.

3. Bring out the glassware


Glassware can make a big difference to your tasting experience. You’ll need something that can arrest the bouquet of aromas wafting from the Single Malts. We recommend a thicker glass and solid base (like the Glencairn glass) to reduce the chances of heat from your hand warming the spirit. Also, take care to choose a glass with a narrow mouth, so that aromas don’t escape easily. If you’re pouring out the drams in advance, do not cover the glass. Allow it to breathe and engulf the senses of your guest as they arrive.

4. Keep some water handy

A sip of water can help your guests cleanse their palate. It is also great for rehydration. So have a glass of water ready for each guest. They can also use a few drops of water to dilute the whiskies. This will help release the aromas without diluting the glorious flavours of the drink.

5. Serving order


The first dram you serve should be a non-peated Single Malt, like Paul John Brilliance. You can choose to progress gradually, ending on a peaty one, like our new peated expression, Paul John Bold.

6. Have basic nibbles


Crackers with a neutral flavour are a good idea. They act as good palate cleansers too.

7. Have your stories ready


Share your experiences in India. Tell your friends about how you discovered The Great Indian Single Malts. Give them a brief profile of the whiskies you’ve lined up for tasting. You could do this from your own personal experience of it, or use our tasting notes for guidance.

8. How many drams


Three to fives drams is ideal. That would give your guests enough choice for comparison and to pick favorites. Anything more would tire the palate. They’d also miss the subtle nuances of each dram.

Now go on and host a fabulous evening with The Great Indian Single Malts. Do remember to share your pictures and tag us.

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