Our latest achievement – the Editor’s Choice Award by Whisky Magazine

We are always excited when one of our Single Malts bags an award. And the Whisky Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award is a prestigious recognition for us.

The expression picked for the award was Paul John Peated Select Cask. Chris Goodram and Joel Harrison, drinks writers for the magazines, tasted the dram and awarded it 94 and 93 points respectively.

Here’s an excerpt of their comments.

Chris Goodrum

Nose: Sharp and astringent with peat and coffee. Honey balances. Hints of malt biscuits, earth and medicinal notes follow along with charred beachwood.

Palate: Weighty and full with barley, oak and honey. When the peat arrives, it builds with a lightly medicinal character. Water makes it citric with the oak becoming grainy.

Finish: Long with sooty peat and medicinal notes. The peat is herbal with water and brings out a touch of kerosene.

Comment: It doesn’t matter where it comes from, but great whisky is still great whisky.

Joel Harrison

Nose: A lovely hint of smoke which lingers on the nose and invites you in, revealing soft elements of dark sugars, warm sweet tea underneath. Great whisky making.

Palate: This shines here too with just the right level of smoke, oak and vanillas. There are red stone fruits hidden in the peat smoke and a sweetness which adds to the spices.

Finish: Delicate, long and lingering – smoked whisky that just works with and without water.

Comment: I can’t wait to make a Blood and Sand with this, or drink with a touch of water.

Read more about this award on Whiskymag.com.

Whisky Magazine is a publication dedicated to “the art, science and romance of the water of life”. The magazine, and its online version, has extensive details on whiskies from around the world, including tasting notes to pique your curiosity, and inspire you to try new drams. It is published 8 times a year, and the latest edition carries a feature on Paul John Indian Single Malts, including the Editor’s Choice Award.

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