The month that was: Setting out to new places

mapWe get this often – “An Indian Single Malt? Is it for real?” but we simply smile and offer a dram of our award winning expressions for tasting. The surprise and delight of the aficionado is apparent and that is our reward. As we expand our reach and enter new countries, we take great pride in sharing our Single Malt expressions with whisky lovers worldwide. We share a sip of India with them and they in turn give us their staunch support. We’ve seen this time and again and more so with our recent launches in Spain, Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria and the USA.


We launched in Spain in June 2016, in partnership with Wine Palace. With over 19 outlets, they are Spain’s top chain for wines and spirits. And with their 20 years of experience they can help you pick just the right Paul John Indian Single Malt expression, be it Brilliance, Edited, Peated Select Cask, or Classic Select Cask.

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We’ve always had a special place in our hearts for Portugal. After all, the roots of Goan culture have a strong Portuguese influence. So it was a moment of great pride when we finally made our foray into this market. Here, we partnered with Aromas, a renowned Portuguese brand that houses the best of international wines and spirits. They now stock our Brilliance, Edited, Peated Select Cask and Classic Select Cask.
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This was a much-awaited launch! For months whisky enthusiasts had written in to us on social media, asking us to come to the USA and we made an entry into this market in July 2016. We tied up with Domaine Select Wine & Spirits (DSWS) as our exclusive import partners. Founded in 1999, DSWS is dedicated to wines and artisanal spirits of the highest quality and which demonstrate excellence and tremendous character, particular to their origin. Our much awarded and internationally acclaimed whiskies Brilliance, Edited, Bold, Peated Select Cask and Classic Select Cask are now available with them.

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It was a challenge to introduce an Indian Single Malt to the young and savvy whisky drinkers of Bulgaria but after a few tasting sessions, we started winning them over. To make our expressions available in Bulgaria we partnered with FIB Trade, a leading importer of premium international spirits. They now stock our Brilliance, Edited, Peated Select Cask and Classic Select Cask.

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In May 2016, Paul John Indian Single Malt whiskies made an official entry into Poland. Our expressions were launched at ‘Whisky & Friends’, an event that was the brainchild of our local partners, M&P. With 26 whisky and wine stores across the country, M&P has a club and other logistic arrangements. Today, Brilliance, Edited, Bold, Classic Select Cask, Peated Select Cask are available in Poland.

Singapore: Changi Airport Duty Free

While our expressions have been available in Singapore for many months now, this is a big moment for us. The Changi Duty Free Shopping includes the widest variety of luxury brands and travelers from around the world shop here every day. These globetrotters can now take home Paul John Brilliance, Paul John Edited and Paul John Bold.

Watch this space to know more about our new launches.

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