OCDWHISKY Awards for 2016

Posted by SORRENKREBS on DECEMBER 27, 2016

2016 has been an amzing year here at the ocdwhisky, so many fantastic malts have been sampled and so many ” wows” and “oooos” have been mustered that picking just one whisky to be my number one pick has virtually being impossible ! So I’m sure my actual top pick will be quite a surprise to many but I’ll explain a little later as to why it was picked..

Once again this year I have been involved in quite a few Twitter tastings and thanks to Steve from the whisky wire I have had the privilege to sample so many expressions that I just would never get the opportunity to taste so to him I say thanks and although you don’t actually win anything Steve you do get my award for Top guy !! His efforts in arranging all the events don’t go unnoticed so thanks..
Ok so just what did get the number one pick ? Well …

PAUL JOHN single cask #1906 has got my overall vote.. Yes it’s a surprise to me too but let me explain my thoughts.. I wanted to give it to something that I’d actually bought and that could ( at time of writing) still be bought by absolutely anyone.. This whisky totally changed my opinion on whisky produced outside of Scotland, the flavours and aromas just blew my mind and the whole package is just about perfect in my opinion.. This single cask is just astounding l, every time you pour another glass you get something different and believe me I’ve poured a few now.


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Paul John Whisky