Pairing cheese with Paul John Indian Single Malts

Cheese has a new pairing partner – whisky. Have you ever tried it? To get you started on this incredible experience, Paul John whisky partnered with Chef Anupam Banerjee, The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore, and Food Lovers Magazine. Chef Anupam tasted our flagship expressions, took note of the flavours of the whiskies, and brought forth his platter of pairing suggestions.
While he urges you to experiment and make your own discoveries, he has a few simple tips. Pair robust Single Malts with strong cheese. A creamy, rich cheese calls for a heavy bodied whisky. Keep it simple, and pair your Single Malt with one or two cheeses, not more.
On the occasion of Cheese Lovers Day (20th January, 2017), we released this film of whisky and cheese pairing ideas.

Chef Anupam Banerjee is the Executive Chef at Ritz-Carlton Bangalore. He is the only Indian chef in the country with a Michelin Star rating. He has a diverse culinary knowledge, and his expertise in pairing the cheese with whiskies enhanced the experience for us.

Food Lovers Magazine is a platform dedicated to food, wine and fine dining. We thank the Editor, Kripal Amanna, for curating this piece for us.

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