Paul John Indian Single Malt whiskies arrive in Poland

2015. We gave the people of Poland a taste of The Great Indian Single Malt at Whisky Live. And they couldn’t wait for the official launch of our Single Malt whiskies in their country.

2016. Whisky & Friends. Paul John Indian Single Malt whiskies official arrived in Poland. The event was the brainchild of our local partners M&P, a company that owns 26 whisky and wine stores across the country, has a club, and other logistic arrangements. Whisky & Friends was created to entertain the serious whisky aficionado and provide an alternative to the more conventional forums.

We presented our five core expressions at this event, and Poland loved us to the last dram! Most of them even recognized us from Whisky Live 2015. We conducted two masterclasses and introduced the guests to the subtle nuances of our Single Malt whiskies. Many guests were so impressed that they reserved their bottles right away!

The warm welcome we received was truly encouraging. We look forward to our journey in Poland. We understand that our audience here is discerning and accustomed to the best of Single Malts, relishing unique, rare and fine drams from around the world. And we are confident that our expressions will live up to the expectations.


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Paul John Whisky