Paul John Single Cask #1444

Posted by SORRENKREBS on AUGUST 19, 2016

As my experiences with whisky grows and the borders get ever wider I find myself trying some totally fantastic whisky/whiskies from different continents, some are mind blowing and some have unfortunately been rather lacking in flavour… Today’s review is luckily in the favourable category, this expression is from the Paul John distillery and is another chance to try a single cask offering from them. Paul John whisky is as I’m sure you know a real gem coming out of India, the classic tastes scents and flavours scream spices and tropical fruits and all from ex bourbon casks.. The cask today is #1444 and is around the 6 year old range, bottled with no colour, NCF and an abv of 59.7%…

Nose.. If ever a nose screamed quality this is it. There is a lovely maturity to this with oodles of gentle spices and ripe fruits.. A hint of old leather and sumptuous wood spice with lingering vanilla maple syrup note.


Palate.. From the very instant this touches your lips there is an explosion of flavour.. To say this is big is rather an understatement! The spices and fruity kick to this must be fuelled by fuelled by nitros! Once it settles down the flavours are baked banana and peaches with lashings of thick toffee and rich butterscotch poured all over, a twist of orange and some dark chocolate flakes sprinkled all over then blended together and bingo you have this … Add a little oak and the faintest hint of coconut and you just about have this in a nutshell.

Finish.. Long with a big kick of spice and oak notes.

Thoughts.. Bloody fantastic ( enough said )

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Paul John Whisky

Paul John Whisky