PAUL JOHN ( single cask #1906 )

Posted by SORRENKREBS on JULY 24, 2016
Over the last few months I have had the pleasure of sampling some great whisky/whiskey from around the world, one distillery from outside the Scottish empire that is really starting to impress me is Paul John, the Indian whisky that is fast making a name for itself.. The distillery can be found in Goa and is now releasing some impressive single malts and now single cask expressions.. One of my favourites from the distillery has been the ” classic select cask ” so this next step has me intrigued. I love my single cask releases, they give us a great insight into the distillery and the wood choices, we get more of a picture of what they are capable of producing, there is no where to hide when you release a single cask and even better this is cask strength..


So this single cask offering is from cask #1906 and is bottled at 59.5%abv and is around 6 years of age..
Nose.. Sweet.. Ripe banana soaked with honey and vanilla ice cream, caramel, toffee and barley sugar sweets, orange peel and fresh blossom..

Palate.. Whoa .. Totally different to the nose.. This is more oaky with a natural sweetness, vanilla, ginger with some burnt sugars are the prominent flavour with hints of peach. After a while a more subtle orange chocolate note floats in along with delicate malty notes.

Finish.. Long and lingering wood spice..

Thoughts.. This was very different to what I expected and that really is a good thing, this cask shows how diverse the distillery can be. This is not the big spicy beast I expected it to be, it is more complex and more diverse.. This takes you on a different adventure to the core range, kind of like going from India into the Rocky Mountains on a camping trip.. It’s raw but in a great way, natural but in a complex way, I know that don’t make sense but neither does this.. It’s uniquely fabulous..

A big thank you must go to Shilton from Paul John and Craig from for both giving me a sample.. Slainte..

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Paul John Whisky

Paul John Whisky