Single Malt Whisky & Chocolate Pairing

The romance of chocolate and whisky may be a closely guarded secret, but it is the most subliminal indulgence. The rich and deeply seductive notes of chocolate when paired with the layered and nuanced notes of whisky can create an experience that transcends all levels of sensorial pleasure. We embarked on this pairing journey on Valentine’s Day. A befitting day to discover and fall in love with, new pairing ideas.


We partnered with Earth Loaf, a hand crafted artisanal chocolatier based in Mysore, India. Their ethos is rooted in ‘combining old-world craft with new-found nutritional wisdom’. All their produce is hand crafted in small batches to keep alive the energy transfer between the craftsman and the medium. Currently, all their cocoa for the chocolate is sourced from a single estate in the Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka. To aid us in our endeavour, the Founder of Earth Loaf, David Belo, crafted a bespoke selection of chocolates to pair perfectly with Paul John’s flagship expressions, Brilliance, Edited and Bold.


Before you begin, we suggest this tasting ritual to enhance your experience:

• Take a small sip of your favourite Single Malt, and allow the flavours to come alive on your palate before swallowing it.

• Now take a small nibble of the chocolate, but don’t bite into it. Leave it on your tongue, and let the chocolate melt and envelop you in its richness. That’s when you notice the flavours of chocolate and whisky come together in a timeless tango.

• Chase this feeling with another sip of whisky, and you’ll be in for a surprise! Your taste buds will pick up new notes in the whisky or lace the old ones with delicate new shades. The finish is simply incredible.

Here a few pairing suggestions by David Belo himself. Try them, experiment with your own ideas, and share your experience with us.

We thank the Food Lovers Magazine and its Editor Kripal Amanna for helping us curate this piece.

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