Thing to do during the Indian summer


Summers evoke a sense of fond nostalgia in any Indian. They reminds us of long, happy vacations spent playing cricket in the streets, climbing mango trees and stealing its luscious fruit, lazing around with friends and cousins, and going on adventurous family holidays. With the onset of summer, the memories come rushing in. And so does the wanderlust. While most foreigners prefer visiting India during winter, summers offer the adventurous many a rare treat. Join us as we take you to our favourite destinations for the season, and give you an itinerary of things to do during the Indian summer.

Fix yourself The Great Indian Cocktail

First things first. You need to be prepared for the heat. Keep yourself well hydrated. Our solution for this is a good ol’ chilled cocktail with The Great Indian Single Malt. Stay away from the sours and bitters. And try a simple highball. It is refreshing and light. Spend your afternoons indoor, sipping on a cocktail or two. And step out in the evenings to explore the city.

Head to the hills

This may be a very colonial thing to do, but not many can stand the heat of the plains. Hill stations like Shimla, Darjeeling, Ghoom, Kurseong, Gangtok, Munnar, etc., offer a welcome respite from the heat. These quaint places are quite laidback and have many secret nooks to explore and uncover. While Shimla offers spectacular views of the Himalayas, Darjeeling and Gangtok offer magnificent glimpses of the Kanchenjunga. For those who love their tea, Darjeeling is surrounded by rolling tea estates. You can take a walk through them, or simple sit back and enjoy a cuppa.

Go trekking in Ladakh

Unlike winters when this area is cold, lonely and dangerously forbidding, summers are a pleasant surprise. Flowers bloom in unexpected corners and the lakes glisten in the noon sun. The barren, moon-like landscape is breathtakingly picturesque. And the hills offer solace to the starved soul. You can watch the sun rise over the Himalayas from Namgyal Tsemo Gompa, a royal monastery. And spend the nights sipping your favourite Paul John Indian Single Malt.

Rejuvenate yourself with an Ayurvedic massage

India is home to the ancient science of Ayurveda. The end of summer and monsoons are a perfect time to indulge in a good massage therapy. You can take your pick from any of the luxury spas, set in serene tranquil environments. You can head to Ananda at the foothills of the Himalayas or Kumarakom Lake Resort near the backwaters of Kerala. Pamper yourself with massages, open up your mind, body and soul with yoga, and go home a new person.

Come over to Goa

While many travellers avoid Goa during the hot summer months, we love Goa any time of the year. Our Single Malt whiskies are made here, and the forests that dot the Western Ghats are a perfect escape from the mundane fare. You can also spend your days by the pool or the sea, sipping on special cocktails made with The Great Indian Single Malt. For those who seek the unusual, we recommend luxury camping. ‘Otter Creek Tents’ is a niche, one-of-a-kind experience that allows you to camp in luxury tents that look over the backwaters of Goa.

Feast on mangoes

It’s called the ‘King of Fruits’ for a good reason. Sweet, juicy and oh-so-divine, mangoes are the best part of an Indian summer. Some believe that there are over 500 varieties of mango in India. From pickles, to desserts, to sherbets and cocktails, mango finds its way into everything your eat or drink this season. You can try pairing them with your favourite Paul John Single Malts. And share your experiences with us.

We can go on and on about the things you can do in India this summer. But you’ve got to come here, to experience them first hand. So pack your bags and take a summer vacation in the land of The Great Indian Single Malt.

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