Whisky Birmingham 2017

This year’s Birmingham Whisky Festival was filled with an immense energy and a common passion for whisky. Innumerable whisky connoisseurs and enthusiasts sought us out, wanting to try a taste of The Great Indian Single Malt. Needless to add, but to our delight, many took home many a favourite! Our Brand Ambassador, Shilton Almeida, shared his zeal for the various Paul John expressions, and did a pairing of cigars with our Brilliance and Bold.

The Birmingham Whisky Club, founded by whisky enthusiasts in the great city of Birmingham, are the organisers of this festival and their aim is to give enthusiastic and interested whisky fans an opportunity to know more about the whisky they enjoy.

We keenly look forward to the next edition of the Birmingham Whisky Festival.

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Paul John Whisky

Paul John Whisky