A winning start to 2017

It has been a great year already. Besides our highly successful launch in Canada, we won prestigious titles at two very popular whisky awards. These awards are a testament to our craftsmanship and our passion for producing world-class Single Malts. We are honoured to have received these distinctions.

Wizards of Whisky Awards


These awards are “designed to highlight smaller world distillers and distillers from non-traditional areas”. The jury comprises elite members of the VIP Whisky Tasting Club who have immense knowledge and experience tasting whiskies from around the world. This year, the competition was very stiff and the jury had a tough time picking the winners.


John Distilleries was conferred the title ‘Asian Distillery of the Year’ third time in a row. In the words of Dominic Roskrow, a whisky writer, blogger and connoisseur, it was “an absolute no brainer”. We also went on to win three Golds, for Bold, Peated Select Cask and Classic Select Cask, and two silvers, for Brilliance and Edited. We were commended for our world class bottling standards and versatility of tastes. The jury, on the whole, felt that we had “an impressive portfolio of malts”.

World Whiskies Awards

Launched in 2007, these awards are a part of the prestigious World Drinks Awards. They select, reward and promote ‘the best Whisky Taste and Design to consumers and trade across the globe’. The winners are declared after a blind tasting based on style, region and age statement.

Earlier this year, the winners were announced, and our whiskies made us proud again. Peated Select Cask was declared the ‘winner’ in the Indian Single Malt category. Brilliance won a Gold and Classic Select Cask was given Silver.

This is just the beginning. We hope 2017 has more awards and memorable experiences in store for us.

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