Oloroso - Liquid Gold Award, Whisky Bible 2017

Issued by The Whisky Bible 2017 on Jan 01, 2017
Liquid Gold Award with 94.5 Points.

Jim Murray "Paul John Olorosso Sherry Cask Finish evidence of the grape arrives early: clean and well structured. As spices form around it, it opens out to become more rounded and confident, even allowing vanilla to play an important role: intriguing! the delivery is soft and immediately salivating. Again, the fruit shows its hand quickly enough with an overly moist Melton Hunt Cake feel, as the raisins begin to feel a little more toasty and the molasses take up residence; spiced orange peel melds into the growing mocha as the intensity fails to diminish; oh, for the rare joy of a sulphur-free malt. And as complex a one as this, to boot. 57.4%"


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