• By Paul John Whisky
  • Posted June 2, 2017 00:00

The Edited Julep

We got together with Mixologist, Shatbhi Basu at Oko, The Lalit Ashok  Bangalore and Food Lovers to show you how to craft a refreshing Paul  John Edited Mint Julep. Make yourself this refreshing cocktail, and enjoy #MintJulepDay!

  • By Paul John Whisky
  • Posted April 5, 2018 09:31

Single Cask vs Select Cask

Single Cask whisky or Single Barrel whisky is the crème of whiskies. It is limited, exclusive and more often than not, a collector’s piece. For this, the Single Malt is bottled from whisky aging in a single barrel/cask.

  • By Paul John Whisky
  • Posted June 2, 2017 09:23

Brilliant Yellow Sapphire Sling

Brilliant Yellow Sapphire Sling Cocktail. It's a long, lazy drink and it's perfect for Sunday afternoons or sultry evenings.

Paul John Single Malt Brilliance with its warm honey tones and vanilla notes and then blend it with fresh, juicy pineapple... and then right at the end, weave in a little bit of spice with star anise. 

  • By Paul John Whisky
  • Posted June 2, 2017 09:32

The Bold Sour

The Whisky Sour is probably one of the most drunk cocktails. Here we are going to twist it just a little and going to present to you The Bold  Sour. And the reason it's called The Bold Sour is, we are using The Paul  John Single Malt Bold. Paul John Bold is smoky and it's going to really kick up, take this drink up a notch or two, or maybe, you know, just hit the roof!

  • By Paul John Whisky
  • Posted June 2, 2017 09:40

Brilliant Yellow Sapphire

Brilliant Yellow Sapphire Martini. This one is a short drink, and it's absolutely refreshing and fabulous. We are going to combine BRILLIANCE, the single malt from Paul John, and  absolutely mix it with pineapple and then show in a little spice. This combination of this warm, gentle single malt with pineapple and spice makes for a beautifully refreshing drink.