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  • Posted 24-Aug-2016 reviews the Paul John Brilliance, an Indian Single Malt

The nose: Sweet, cookies, butterscotch, vanilla pudding The taste: Sweet, cookies, malt, herbs, grain The finish: Medium.

  • By Whisky Bible 2017
  • Posted 01-Jan-2017

this is excellent whisky and make no mistake

Paul John Brilliance, the burgeoning house style of orange blossom honey is brought out to the full here,

  • By World Whisky, The Netherlands
  • Posted 17-Sep-2015

A surprisingly mature whisky with a good price / quality ratio

A surprisingly mature whisky with a good price / quality ratio. It is the first whisky of Paul John I've tasted and I must say I am pleasantly surprised

  • By Whisk Nick
  • Posted 25-Sep-2016

Solid flavours with great structure and transitions, Perfect spice control

Intriguing profile – something I never had before. Unconventional combination of herbal, cream, nuts and peat worked like a charm here and it is immensely enjoyable!

  • By The Finest Cut
  • Posted 26-Mar-2021

Paul John Whisky – Brilliance & Bold by The Finest Cut

John Distillery – the brains behind Paul John whisky – has been running since 1992 and is currently the third largest whisky brand in India. However, much of this output is comprised of molasses style Indian whisky; very little of which is either seen or consumed outside its home country. However, recognising the growth in the premium spirits market, the distillery moved into producing single malts in 2006. The Paul John whisky range is named after the distillery’s chairman and has taken the world by storm, with a bespoke collection of high quality whiskies.

  • By Felipe Schrieberg
  • Posted 16-Jan-2022

Top 10 Whiskies Of 2021 - Forbes

Throughout a global pandemic, Brexit hassles, and the end of an international tariff war whisky brands and distilleries large and small have continued to launch exciting new releases. I’m fortunate in that I’ve been able to try a few of them, doing my job as best as I can.

  • By Zee
  • Posted 06-May-2022

5 Interesting Alcohol-Based Experiences in Goa

If you enjoy your drink, then Goa is the place to be. Not only has the sunshine state become a hub for craft spirits in the country, but it has also curated interesting experiences that go all the way from tasting whiskey, sipping beer, and sniffing gin to decoding Goa’s very own local feni.

  • By Noor Anand, Everything Experiential
  • Posted 02-Jun-2022

This Indian Single Malt Has Taken World Of Whisky By Storm

Goa-based Paul John Indian single malt whisky, manufactured by John Distilleries, has quickly made a name for itself around the country and abroad.

  • By The Whisky Club
  • Posted 01-Aug-2022

Paul John Port Cask

With the distillery in the former Portuguese enclave of Goa on the west coast of India, it’s fitting that this whisky was matured in traditional rich vintage Port and Tawny casks from the spiritual home of Port, Portugal’s Douro Valley