• By Whisky Bible 2017
  • Posted 01-Jan-2017

Indian whisky is on the rise, Just so charming and irresistible

Paul John Single Malt Classic (Un Peated) an essay in complexity: softly sizzling lightly salted bacon mingles easily with tannins.

  • By Whisky Buzz
  • Posted 26-Jul-2016

The Classic Select Cask is a pure adrenaline rush of taste

Masters of hot-tempered climate whisky work at an accelerated pace. A whisky that is not ready one day might rapidly evolve in only a few days due to the hot climate.

  • By Jeannette Wentzel, South Africa
  • Posted 22-Jan-2018

DIVINE Paul John Classic Select Cask

The yumminess from the nose translates onto the palate. It is a beautiful, full bodied dram. Even at the 55.2% ABV, you don’t taste any alcohol and I could easily finish the glass without water.