• By Whisky Bible 2017
  • Posted 01-Jan-2017

A world class whisky to be talked about with reverence without doubt

A new Indian classic: a sublime malt from the subcontinent. To be more precise: a world classic! Think of Ardmore at its most alluring

  • By The Whiskey Wash
  • Posted 09-Aug-2016

Paul John provides a genuinely enjoyable sipping experience on its own

When it comes to whiskey, major spirit categories are often separated into American (including bourbon), Canadian, Irish, Scotch, and then simply “World” whiskies

  • By NYC Whiskey Review
  • Posted 26-Jul-2017

The Edited expression is distinct, rich tasting, and I found it very refreshing.

The moment I put the glass to my nose I was immediately reminded me of scotch, and the first sip reminded me of Japanese whisky. After my second sip, I realized that Edited Single Malt has its own style and that style is impressive and of India.

  • By Mark, Malt Review, Derbyshire
  • Posted 11-Aug-2014

It’s good fun! This is a young Sachin Tendulkar scrapping away on a dusty wicket!

In fact, Mr Paul P. John – we salute you. I reckon for this price you should get yourself a bottle. It’s good fun. Its youth shows, but it comes out fighting. This is a young Sachin Tendulkar scrapping away on a dusty wicket.