• By Bozzy
  • Posted on 26-Mar-2020

Bozzy Reviews Nirvana By Paul John

Paul John Nirvana (40.0%): Here is the newest addition to Paul John's portfolio... It is their new entry-level single malt whisky with an incredibly low price tag intending to carve out a permanent space for itself in the cocktail scene. Like all their other expressions in the distillery's line-up, it is distilled from six-row barley grown in the north part of the country in the Himalayas. Nirvana uses unpeated malt only, is matured in ex-bourbon barrels, and bottled at 40%. Many thanks to Sazerac Company and Koray Kaan Özdemir a.k.a. Whisky Monster for providing us this sample bottle for the review.

  • By Whisky Monster
  • Posted on 13-Aug-2020

Whisky Monster reviews Paul John PX Select Cask

Paul John PX Select Cask is one of the new expressions from Paul John Distillery that is placed next to Paul John Oloroso Select Cask. Both whiskies are now additions to Paul John’s Select Cask range which is composed of Classic Select Cask and Peated Select Cask.

  • By Eric Zandona
  • Posted on 03-Dec-2019

Paul John KANYA Indian Single Malt Whisky

In 2017, Paul John launched their zodiac series of limited release whiskies named and blended to match the characteristic features of the Indian zodiac. The first in this series was the virgin Kanya (Virgo) and meant to be an “earthy, feminine [and] sensuousness” single malt. D’Souza used barrels that were a minimum of seven years old and bottled non-chill filtered it at 50% ABV. In 2018, Kanya was named the Best Asian Whisky in Jim Murry’s Whisky Bible.

  • By Jeannette Wentzel, Whisky Of The Week, South Africa
  • Posted on 29-Apr-2019

Paul John Mars Orbiter Single Malt Whisky (Peated)

  • By About Drinks, Germany
  • Posted on 14-Sep-2018

Ein Weihnachtsgeschenk aus flüssigem Gold: Paul John Christmas Edition 2018

Der extra für das Weihnachtsfest selektierte Whisky reifte dabei in ehemaligen Bourbon-Fässern und wurde anschließend in Oloroso Sherry-Fässern gefinished. Neben der leichten Rauchigkeit entfalten sich wundervolle, üppige Noten von Pflaumen, getrockneten Datteln und Nüssen. Ein Single Malt Whisky der mit seiner Aromenvielfalt perfekt auf das Weihnachtsfest abgestimmt ist.

  • By Great Drams, United Kingdom
  • Posted on 14-Nov-2018


It is lightly peated and perfect for a cosy night in front of the fire. It takes the Indian heat and brings it straight to your living room. The Whisky itself is brimming with Christmas flavours.

  • By Whisky Xarre
  • Posted on 25-Apr-2018

First Indian Whisky I have ever tasted - Paul John BOLD

on the nose you get fresh citrus notes, spices like pepper, hints of maple syrup and finally ash. On the palate the peatiness tastes a bit like a blend of laphroaig and bowmore

  • By Mark, Malt Review, Derbyshire
  • Posted on 11-Aug-2014

It’s good fun! This is a young Sachin Tendulkar scrapping away on a dusty wicket!

In fact, Mr Paul P. John – we salute you. I reckon for this price you should get yourself a bottle. It’s good fun. Its youth shows, but it comes out fighting. This is a young Sachin Tendulkar scrapping away on a dusty wicket.

  • By Ansgar Spellar, Loving Whisky, Netherlands
  • Posted on 19-Jan-2018

Beautiful balanced and filled with warming notes. Love it!

A beautiful mix of black pepper, cream cheese, white pepper, cumin, cinnamon, ginger, red apples and fried banana in a sweet batter and a good dose of powdered sugar on top… The finish is medium to long in length with creamy notes, warm oranges, chocolate and fudge pieces. A complex dram and one that is beautiful balanced and filled with warming notes. Love it!

  • By George Koutsakis, Forbes
  • Posted on 12-May-2018

Colourful, vibrant, and balanced, this Paul John single malt is a must for lovers of peat - Forbes

Matured in bourbon casks and distilled using six-row barley, the nose is sweet and surprisingly spicy, with ginger, pepper, and cinnamon aromas. The palate delivers abundant smoke, meatiness, and leather, while the spice turns sweet, bringing about a stellar balance. Colourful, vibrant, and balanced, this Paul John single malt is a must for lovers of peat.

  • By Jeannette Wentzel, South Africa
  • Posted on 22-Jan-2018

DIVINE Paul John Classic Select Cask

The yumminess from the nose translates onto the palate. It is a beautiful, full bodied dram. Even at the 55.2% ABV, you don’t taste any alcohol and I could easily finish the glass without water.

  • By Whisky & Vinyl
  • Posted on 29-Oct-2017

Paul John Bold rightfully claim their place in the whiskey world

As with many Indian whiskeys, you do not notice Paul John Bold's supposed youth. I also liked the smoke and its intensity very much and meet my current taste quite well. John Distilleries definitely show with the Paul John Bold why they are one of the Indian distilleries who rightfully claim their place in the whiskey world.

  • By Jonah Flicker, Esquire
  • Posted on 09-Dec-2017

10 Smoky Whiskies to Sip All Winter Long - Peated Select Cask

There are some interesting distilleries making whisky there that are gaining recognition, such as Paul John in the Indian state of Goa. The distillery produces a range of whisky that includes a smoke bomb called Peated Select Cask

  • By Whisk Nick
  • Posted on 31-Mar-2017

It gives an extra dimension, smooths the edges of the spirit with an elegant touch

It is amazing to see how well the sherry red fruits has been built into the malt. It gives an extra dimension, smooths the edges of the spirit with an elegant touch. The spice brings intensity but the heat is nicely tamed. Nice flavours, composed with great complexity. Remarkable dram!

  • By Whisk Nick
  • Posted on 25-Sep-2016

Solid flavours with great structure and transitions, Perfect spice control

Intriguing profile – something I never had before. Unconventional combination of herbal, cream, nuts and peat worked like a charm here and it is immensely enjoyable!

  • By Felipe Schrieberg, Forbes
  • Posted on 31-Mar-2018

10 Superb Smoky Whiskies You Should Try - Paul John Peated

A whisky from India, Paul John is one of my favorite whisky distilleries outside of Scotland. This cask strength whisky is packed full of flavors. Rich tropical fruits, a soft dose of vanilla from bourbon cask maturation.....

  • By Sorrenkrebs, OCD Whisky
  • Posted on 28-Nov-2017

Sweetness that just entices you!

There is whisky and then there is WHISKY! This is of course the latter and screams quality from the minute you pour until long after you finish the dram.

  • By NYC Whiskey Review
  • Posted on 26-Jul-2017

The Edited expression is distinct, rich tasting, and I found it very refreshing.

The moment I put the glass to my nose I was immediately reminded me of scotch, and the first sip reminded me of Japanese whisky. After my second sip, I realized that Edited Single Malt has its own style and that style is impressive and of India.

  • By Bozkurt "bozzy" Karasu, West Hollywood, CA.
  • Posted on 18-May-2017

Amazing whisky! You can spend hours and hours with all the layers of goodness

Paul John Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish amazing whisky! You can spend hours and hours with all the layers of goodness both on the nose and on the palate.

  • By Barley Mania
  • Posted on 01-Aug-2017

Paul John Bold gives a lengthy encore full of peatiness, spiciness and sweetness

To round off a great performance, the Paul John Bold gives a lengthy encore full of peatiness, spiciness and sweetness.