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Take a stroll down a hitherto untrodden trail and unravel the mystery behind the making of single malt whiskies. Explore and experience the tremendous journey of the Paul John Single malts. The international award-winning Indian whisky created by the tropical shores of Goa, now opens its doors to you. Traverse through our story at the Paul John visitor centre, the first of its kind in India. Witness the craft and time honoured process behind the making of Paul John single malts.

From mashing to distilling, decipher the unique process of making single malts. Understand the rare art of distilling in fine copper pot stills, that were exclusively designed to ensure our whiskies owned tremendous and exquisite flavour allow the immense warehouses overwhelm you, as barrels tower over you in the on-ground warehouse, while rich aromas of fine whiskies waft up to you as you step down into our underground cellars.

In less than 8 years our single malts have been honoured with over 280 internationally acclaimed awards, we believe that the accolades and recognition stand as testimony to the quality of our whiskies and we’ve shared our pride on the walls of fame at the centre.

Paul John Visitor Centre - The only one of its kind in India!


Saving the best for the last, relish our signature expressions while our expert team reveal the fine pleasures of whisky drinking, leading you to discover the intricate flavours and complex characteristics of our single malts. Exemplifying sophistication and uniqueness, the Paul John single malts ensure the creation of fond memories culminate this unique experience.

There’s Something or Everyone :

Brilliance: From the sunny shores of Goa, this non chill-filtered,  Non – Peated Indian single malt whisky. Exudes myriad shades of sensual delight, this luminescent liquid invites you to experience a taste of handcrafted rare brilliance.

Edited: The masterfully crafted malt from the exotic Goan beaches brings to the fore a trace of peat, created from a distinctively chosen cask profile, be enthralled by the versatility of this great Indian single malt edited to a perfection with a flawless balance of malt with a hint of peat.

Bold:  Bold characterizes the exhilarating, spirit of Goa, with all its boisterous exuberance, the silky malt is flavoured with oak-tinged honey and a hefty spice. The cloudy smoke riding on delicate intricate spices leads to the delicious finish of a weighty whisky that is complex yet delicately bold.

Classic Select Cask:  A masterpiece from selected casks, this Indian single malts offers the exotic complexities of the Goan shores it was crafted from. The barley, carried on flavours of honeyed bourbon, liquorice is complimented with a touch of toasted honeycomb, tannins remain under check as juicy soft tones ensure the elegant finish of this rare and irresistible Indian single malts.

Peated Select Cask:   take a stroll down the tropical coasts of Goa, as the delicious wafts of light peat from this Indian Single malt tease your senses. Indulge in the mystic, as this alluring whisky gently astonishes the seriously indulgent.





Paul John Distillery is located in Cuncolim, South Goa, Just 15 KM from Mobor Beach and 45 KM from Goa International Airport.

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