Paul John's Mithuna best Indian whisky By BusinessToday.In

Paul John's Mithuna best Indian whisky By BusinessToday.In

Published by BusinessToday.In, India, on Jun 26, 2021.

Mithuna by Paul John has been named as the best Indian whisky by the 2021 International Whisky Competition Committee, while Scotland-based Ardbeg Distillery's Uigeadail was judged as the 2021 whisky of the year.

The International Whisky Competition took place from May 12-16 in Colorado in US. A professional tasting panel made of whisky, spirit, beer, and wine experts blind tasted each whisky individually and each whisky was given ratings using a comprehensive 100-point scale system.

The judges gave scores to each whisky based on criteria like colour, visual appeal, balance of aromas, palate and balance, quality of finish, among others. The competition gives three medals in each category.

In the best Indian whisky category, Paul John's Mithuna was ranked first. The whisky, a part of the Paul John Zodiac series, is named after the Indian counterpart of the zodiac sign Gemini. Paul John single malts is a renowned brand of John Distilleries. The brand is named after John Distilleries CMD Paul P John.

While Paul John's Nirvana was ranked as the second best Indian whisky, its P.X. Select Cask was ranked third.

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