The Bold Sour

The Bold Sour

Published by Paul John Whisky on Jun 02 2017.

The Whisky Sour is probably one of the most drunk cocktails. Here we are going to twist it just a little and going to present to you The Bold  Sour. And the reason it's called The Bold Sour is, we are using The Paul  John Single Malt Bold. 

Paul John Bold is smoky and it's going to really kick up, take this drink up a notch or two, or maybe, you know, just hit the roof!

Glass: Old Fashioned  


45 Paul John Bold

1 bar spoon thin honey

3 lime wedges

30 ml orange juice

1 wedge fresh Malta orange

2 slices of ginger  

4 drops Angostura Bitters on top

Garnish: Slice of ginger & orange peel


Muddle two slices of ginger in a cocktail shaker

Fill shaker ¾  with ice and add all ingredients

Squeeze the orange wedge and lime wedges and drop in

Shake and double strain into an old-fashioned glass on fresh ice


Enjoy The Bold Sour Cocktail on National Whiskey Sour Day ( 25 August).


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