Brilliant Yellow Sapphire

Brilliant Yellow Sapphire

Published by Paul John Whisky on Jun 02 2017.

This one is a short drink, and it's absolutely refreshing and fabulous. We are going to combine BRILLIANCE, the single malt from Paul John, and absolutely mix it with pineapple and then show in a little spice. This combination of this warm, gentle single malt with pineapple and spice makes for a beautifully refreshing drink.

 First thing, put ice in Martini Glass. The idea is to keep it as cold as possible till we finish making the cocktail. It's really soft and unassuming but there's that fire coming out right from in between. Brilliantly flashing with BRILLIANCE, the Pineapple and the anise.


45 ml Paul John Brilliance

60 ml Real/fresh pineapple juice

15 ml Monin/Marimbula anise syrup or Sambuca

1 star anise

2 wedges of lime

10ml sugar syrup (optional)

6 chunks fresh pineapple

Garnish star anise or pineapple slice (pineapple flower with star anise)


Lightly muddle star anise and fresh pineapple

Fill shaker ¾ with ice

Add all ingredients

Shake and double strain into a pre-chilled martini



Cocktail prepared by SHATBHI BASU, Mixologist.


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