Gift A Paul John Single Malt

Gift A Paul John Single Malt

Published by Paul John Whisky on Dec 01 2017.

The Holiday season is upon us and for some, the best way to celebrate is to pour a glass of their favourite amber drink and kick back. If your family members, friends or colleagues are whisky lovers and you’re looking to gift them a bottle for either Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Halloween, Father’s Day, Friendship’s Day or Diwali, your search ends here.

Paul John Single Malt has the answer to every one of your gifting dilemmas and here’s why.


There is a variety of gifting options that Paul John Single Malt has to offer.

Be it for your father, brother, spouse or a friend who are lovers of our flagship expressions, Brilliance, Edited and Bold, the Paul John Festive Gift Box comes with two Paul John Single Malt branded glasses. Also, a perfect gift for couples or for your better half, you can clink glasses of The Great Indian Single Malt in celebration.

Gifts for colleagues when you are not sure what they like, we have a five piece and three piece miniatures boxes for your consideration. All 5 of our award-winning, Liquid Gold rated expressions – Brilliance, Edited, Bold, Classic Select Cask and Peated Select Cask are available in the five-piece box, with a detailed inlay with taste notes. Our three Flagship Expressions – a range of unpeated, with a hint of peat and heavily peated whiskies are available in the three-piece box. Our cask-strength expressions, Classic and Peated are available for the discerning connoisseur.


Meeting your family for Thanksgiving? Are they slaving over the stove for that special meal? Warm their hearts with the perfect Thanksgiving Gift – a bottle of Edited to pair with a sumptuous meal. Who doesn’t love a glass of whisky with their turkey?

Bringing in Christmas or New Year with your special someone? A bottle of the warm, peaty Bold is a perfect gift for Christmas or New Year. Fill up your Paul John Single Malt branded glasses with this delectable amber whisky and celebrate!

For a birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day, there can be no better gift than a bottle of Brilliance. What better way to express your love and respect than a bottle of liquid sunshine?

Looking for a classy wedding gift and the groom is something of a whisky connoisseur? A beautiful gift box of Paul John with its complex flavours is the way to go.

You want to thank your groomsmen for having stood by you on your big day? Or you want to make friendship day a little more special? Any one of the miniature packages are sure to be well appreciated.

 For Father’s Day, gift him a bottle of his favourite expression of Paul John whisky packaged with whisky glasses. A simple & thoughtful gift, he is sure to love it.

Confused on what to bring for a Diwali Party? Take an elegant Gift box of our Paul John Brilliance and relish the flavours pairing it with some desi ghee sweets and heat up those card game traditions!

For your loving brother as a return gift for Rakshabandhan or Brother’s Day, gift him the Miniature Expressions of the Paul John Single Malt and revive the sibling bond between the two of you.

Or is It one of those days you feel like you deserve a treat? Don’t forget to gift yourself a box with your favourite whisky. There are no rules to gifting!

With Paul John Single Malt’s global presence in 35 countries, all you need to do is walk to the nearest store and pick up a gift box most suited to your needs.

Our store locator page will help you find which expressions are available in your country.

Shoot us a message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and we’ll help you find a store near you!


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