How Paul John Single Malt is similar yet unique from the Scotch Whiskies!

Let’s take a look at how Paul John Single Malt is similar yet unique from the Scotch Whiskies.

Malted Barley

Malted Barley defines the flavour of a Malt Whisky; both Paul John and Scotch whisky use Barley as the chosen grain in the whisky making process. However, Paul John uses the huskier 6-row barley when compared to the 2-row Barley used by the Scotch Distilleries.

Copper Pot Stills

Traditionally designed copper pot stills at our distillery make our spirits acquire a distinct, rich, full-bodied flavour. Prolonged contact with copper imparts the rich flavours which are the core of both Paul John Single Malt whisky and Scotch whisky.

Double Distillation

Double distillation is a crucial step in the production of our whiskies, and renders the distinct, full-bodied flavours and required ABV to the expressions. Paul John Single Malt Whisky and Scotch Whisky both use double distillation process to create spirits with a rich texture.

American Oak Casks

Paul John Single Malts and Scotch Whisky both use Charred Oak Casks for Whisky maturation. Goa’s tropical climate and Oak casks together create a rich, aromatic and flavourful Paul John Whisky.

Difference - Indian 6-row barley vs 2-row barley

Paul John Single Malt uses Indian 6-row barley and not the 2-row barley that’s used by Scotch Whisky. 6-row barley grown at the foothills of #Himalayas, and across the vast lands of #Rajasthan is higher in protein content and lends robust flavours and a distinctively fruitier and bold character to our single malts.

Angel's share 8% vs 2% 

The tropical climate of #Goa results in a higher angel's share of 8% for Paul John Single Malts as compared to the 2% for whisky made in regions of cooler climates like #Scotland.

This makes our single malts smoother and creamier and ensures rapid maturation in the casks.

Exclusively Designed Copper Pot Stills

Prolonged distillation in pot stills provides the required ABV to single malt and scotch whisky. Paul John Whisky uses exclusively designed copper pot stills, custom made in Gujarat, India with longer necks which renders a distinct, full-bodied, fruitier flavour to our spirits.


Water plays a vital role in the production of whisky. Unlike Scotch Whisky which uses spring water, Paul John Single Malts use purified water streams sourced from the Western Ghats. The rainwater caught by the Western Ghats gets filtered through the rocks, and later emerges as a stream that is free of magnesium salts. This pure and clean water adds to the smooth, wholesome flavour which is distinctive of our single malts.

The globally acclaimed Indian single malt is now available in 38 countries!


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