The Perfect Diwali Guide with Paul John

Published by Paul John Whisky on Mar 25 2023.

As the festive season draws near, the buzz has set in. Time has come for new clothes, sweets, and decor to go with the fun of being around friends and family.

At Paul John Whisky, we believe in doing up Diwali in a special way and we also ardently believe that whisky and celebrations go hand-in-hand. So we have put together a quick guide on our favourites for this Indian festival season to offer you the very best of Paul John Single Malts for your celebrations.


No celebration is complete without the very best of whisky to share with your near and dear at the end of a great day. To tie up perfectly the joyous day with the perfect dram, we believe that your selection of whisky must go with the theme of your celebration.


Nirvana is known for its vibrancy, a sweetly surprising whisky that will leave you enchanted. Perfectly paired with all your Indian specials, and most definitely a great way to finish off a day of sweets, this is one whisky that everyone will love. Mithais like halwa and laddus will be perfectly complemented  Aside from being delicious, these Deepawali specials with Nirvana will also look stunning on your table settings for the big celebration!


For the classic Diwali that celebrates gold hues and classic dishes, we love our Paul John Brilliance expression - perfect to herald an auspicious return from a great victory and sure to light up your evening as is deserving of the festival of lights! With notes of demerara sugar, a hint of cinnamon and honey, Brilliance is crisp on the palate with mild spices and a tinge of vanilla and coco. Sip on some Brilliance as you wind up a fantastic day of celebrations with friends and family and reminisce on all the good times together.


Prefer the savoury delicacies that Diwali brings? We suggest Paul John Bold to give a beautifully bold finish to your day. With profound flavours of spice and oak-tinged honey accompanied by a smoky feel that is both rich and dry in an enticing dance, Bold has a palate that radiates celebration.


For a whisky that embodies the global evolution of Indian festivities, the Oloroso Select Cask is unbeatable. The palate is sweet, with nutty chocolate and cake that leads into a finish that is intense with spice and a touch of coffee mocha. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect amalgamation of flavours to finish off your Diwali?

No matter which Paul John you choose this Diwali, we are certain that it will be the perfect dram to toast to the festivities with!


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