Single Cask vs Select Cask

Single Cask vs Select Cask

Published by Paul John Whisky on Apr 05 2018.

Single Cask whisky or Single Barrel whisky is the crème of whiskies. It is limited, exclusive and more often than not, a  collector’s piece. For this, the Single Malt is bottled from whisky aging in a single barrel/cask. Liquid from other barrels is not blended  (as is the practice otherwise to create consistent flavours and  colours). Each bottle proudly bears the number of the cask. To craft  these legendary Single Malts our Master Distiller chooses casks with  unique characteristics and carefully ages the whisky in them.

Our Single Cask expressions include both peated and unpeated editions.

Select Cask whisky as the name suggests is crafted by marrying whisky matured in select  casks. Each cask is handpicked by our Master Distiller for its unique flavour profiles. And the liquid in them is skillfully combined to  create a distinct, consistent and incredible expression.

At Paul  John, we have two select cask expressions – Classic Select Cask (Liquid  Gold rating 95) and Peated Select Cask (Liquid Gold rating 96). While  Classic Select Cask teases with you with a hint of bourbon and leaves  you with notes of Demerara, Peated Select Cask has rich, redolent smoky  notes.


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