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  • Posted on Jul 02 2022


The craft production, see gin, rum, ready-to-serve cocktails, mixers, and from them the emerging mixology game, are upping itself. It’s changing the very definition of how our previous generations defined the drink and how we do it now. However, forget not, even before they did it, whiskies had already been upping its offerings. And amidst them, one that has already gained a legendary status not just with the denizens but amongst the world’s leading connoisseurs is Paul John Single Malt Whisky.

  • By Paul John Whisky
  • Posted on Mar 25 2023

The Perfect Diwali Guide with Paul John

As the festive season draws near, the buzz has set in. Time has come for new clothes, sweets, and decor to go with the fun of being around friends and family.

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  • Posted on Mar 25 2023


Gifting a single malt is akin to gifting an experience. It is joy in a bottle, something to be shared with loved ones. And what better time to spread the joy than Christmas? However, there is an art behind both the making and the choosing of the perfect single malt.

  • By Paul John Whisky
  • Posted on Sep 03 2020

Paul John XO, a 100% Indian Grape Brandy

Following the success of Paul John Whisky, Paul P John, Chairman of John Distilleries, chose to venture into the premium brandy segment as well, with the release of Paul John XO, a 100% Indian Grape Brandy.

  • By Paul John Whsiky
  • Posted on Mar 25 2023

Paul John Indian Single Malts Global Victories

At the World Whisky Awards 2020 our sublime & elegant CLASSIC Select Cask won the Gold in the Indian Single Malt Category while at the globally acclaimed Spirits Business Awards 2020 Paul John Oloroso Select Cask, Paul John PX Select Cask and NIRVANA all won Gold Medals!

  • By LBB
  • Posted on Oct 14 2019

Sip Some Single Malt At India's First-Ever Visitor Centre & Distillery Tour In Goa

In the sleepy village of Cuncolim, this distillery and India’s only Visitor Centre makes for a whisky-filled afternoon of learning, discovering and understanding everything that goes into that bottle of premium Indian malt whisky.

Paul John Distillery Goa by Noor Anand Chawla
  • By Noor Anand Chawla
  • Posted on Mar 21 2019

Things to Do in South Goa: Whisky Tour and Tasting at Paul John Distillery

The  distillery is a wonderful attraction for whisky lovers, as it  provides a  distinctly Scottish experience in India. It’s the only  distillery in  India that offers a tour and tasting of this kind. It  also makes a nice excursion if you’re staying in South Goa.

Paul John Visitor Centre Goa by Dan Parsons UK
  • By Dan Parsons, London, UK
  • Posted on Dec 19 2018

Paul John Distillery Visitor Centre - sanctum like feel to it

If you need any more reason to visit beautiful Goa, aside from the amazing beaches, wonderful sunsets, fantastic winter climate and mouth watering food this place is it. Be a pilgrim, make the pilgrimage. You will not regret or forget it.

  • By Paul John Whisky
  • Posted on Dec 07 2018

Goa Gets Into The Spirit of Christmas

We love Goa in December! With Christmas just around the corner, the whole place comes alive with the festive spirit. Fairy lights and paper stars twinkle outside every home. Portly men dressed as Santa spread the cheer. Churches are filled with the sweet melody of carols and hymns. Goa is all ready to embrace the spirit of Christmas.

  • By The Whisky Advisor
  • Posted on Aug 22 2018

A Visit to Paul John Distillery, goa

Paul John, along with Amrut whisky has contributed a lot to building India’s reputation as a country that makes quality whisky. I recently had the opportunity for a behind the scenes visit to the distillery before their visitor centre opens in the next month or two.

  • By Paul John Whisky
  • Posted on Aug 28 2018

Paul John Whisky Tour Across South Africa

Paul John Single Malt Whisky travelled across the land of hope, South Africa, mesmerising patrons with its taste and effervescence. Crafted in the land of golden-sand beaches, Goa, The Great Indian Single Malt is one of the most versatile spirits from Asia.

Paul John Whisky participated in various tasting events and promotions across the beautiful country.

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  • Posted on Jun 21 2018

Paul John Single Malt Peated Expressions

Paul John, The Great Indian Single Malt presents 3 expressions with unique peated notes. Peat is unique to the Scottish Isles and is the ingredient in the Whisky making process that gives it a unique woody, burnt and smoky flavour.

  • By Paul John Whisky
  • Posted on May 27 2018


Paul John Whisky wins Double Gold in San Francisco World Spirits Competition and Chairman's Trophy in Ultimate Spirits Challenge, USA.

  • By George Koutsakis,
  • Posted on Apr 18 2018

On The Road With dekantā – Paul John Distillery

The Paul John single malt distillery, however, was built in 2008 in Goa, with the first single malt release reaching the UK in 2012. While the company had been making blended whisky for years, the premium move into single malts brought the distillery onto the global whisky stage.

  • By Paul John Whisky
  • Posted on Dec 01 2017

Gift A Paul John Single Malt

The Holiday season is upon us and for some, the best way to celebrate is to pour a glass of their favourite amber drink and kick back. Bringing in Christmas or New Year with your special someone? A bottle of the warm, peaty Bold is a perfect gift for Christmas or New Year. Fill up your Paul John Single Malt branded glasses with this delectable amber whisky and celebrate!

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  • Posted on Jan 05 2018

Paul John Single Malt Whisky arrives in South Africa!

Paul John Single Malt Whisky is now available in South Africa for all the whisky lovers to relish and enjoy.Our Flagship Expressions BRILLIANCE, EDITED & BOLD and our Select Casks CLASSIC & PEATED are available across Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban & other Cities. 


  • By Paul John Whisky
  • Posted on Apr 03 2017

An ultimate recognition - our very first award in the USA

After being subjected to the stringent trials of their judging process, Peated Select Cask received the highest honours, the Chairman's Trophy as the 'Ultimate Winner’ (96 points). With 92 points, Classic Select Cask was chosen the Finalist. Brilliance and Edited, whiskies from our flagship collection, were given 90 points each, and were considered "excellent" and were "highly recommended”.