Whisky Magazine’s Hall of Fame

Whisky Magazine’s Hall of Fame

Published by Paul John Whisky, India on Apr 04, 2022.

Paul John Whisky is honoured to share that Paul P John, Chairman of John Distilleries Pvt Ltd, has been inducted into Whisky Magazine’s Hall of Fame at the World Whisky Awards 2022 held in London on March 24th.

Having begun in 2004 and featuring top whisky world leaders including renowned distillers, blenders and company owners, the Hall of Fame is an accolade afforded to visionaries in the industry who have made a lasting impact. It is the highest honour bestowed by Whisky Magazine and a point of pride for us at Paul John Whisky, and for Indian whisky at large, to have been instated into the auspicious list.

‘I am deeply honoured to have been inducted to the prestigious Hall of Fame and to be listed with some of the most respected stalwarts in the industry. This recognition encourages us to strive even more to create great single malts for the world to enjoy.’

Paul P John

An entrepreneur by choice, Paul P John ventured into the alcoholic beverages industry in 1992 and established John Distilleries in 1996.

Today John Distilleries has been declared the 4th largest liquor company in the country with production at over 8 locations across 7 states in India. The strong portfolio of brands in various liquor categories such as whiskies, brandy, and wines. His flagship brand, Original Choice is one of the top selling brands in India’s popular whisky segment and one of the top 10 selling whiskies in the world with sales exceeding 12 million cases a year.

His zeal to surpass the ordinary and his personal passion for single malts led him to create the Paul John Indian Single Malts.

Paul John Single Malts were launched in the UK in 2012. And are currently available in over 43 countries.  The brand’s several expressions have won over 280 renowned international awards.

Sazerac Company, Inc.
Sazerac and John Distilleries raised a toast to their intwined legacies as Sazerac Company became a significant stakeholder in John Distilleries. The largest family-owned spirits company in the USA, with many reputed liquor brands under its belt, Sazerac remains a source of inspiration to continue creating exemplary single malt expressions.


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