Beautiful balanced and filled with warming notes. Love it!

Published by Ansgar Spellar, Loving Whisky, Netherlands on 19-Jan-2018.

Recently I had a chance to taste the new release from Paul John. Kanya is an unpeated expression that has been maturing for 7 years in American white oak casks and bottled at 50%. 

When nosing this dram I can find loads of fruit and spice notes mixed with marzipan, sugar coated nuts, creme brulee, honey, lemon leaves, ginger cake, cardamom, white pepper, raspberry, warm freshly made apple sauce, hint of tobacco leaves and vigs.

The palate shows me dark spices and fruits together with fresh citrus like oranges, tangerines and pomelo. There are some dark fruits also like vigs, plums and raspberry. A beautiful mix of black pepper, cream cheese, white pepper, cumin, cinnamon, ginger, red apples and fried banana in a sweet batter and a good dose of powdered sugar on top…

The finish is medium to long in length with creamy notes, warm oranges, chocolate and fudge pieces. A complex dram and one that is beautiful balanced and filled with warming notes. Love it! 

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