Published by Great Drams, United Kingdom on 14-Nov-2018.

Paul John Whisky's Christmas Edition was featured on Great Dram's Whisky Whisky Gift Guide 2018. Here's a glance of the article.  

I’m sure you’re aware already, but its that time of year again Great Drammers where we all open our wallets and decide what we should treat our loved ones to for Christmas, and as is now traditional I am again writing a multi-part Great Drams Whisky Christmas Gift Guide, welcome to Part One; the bottles.

Buying a bottle for anyone at any time is hard; you need to know what flavours they like, need to set a budget that not only does not break the bank, but shows the person you’re giving the bottle to how much they mean to you. Yes, these are all factors.

Here are the top ten bottles I’m recommending in the GreatDrams Whisky Whisky Gift Guide 2018:

For the international whisky lovers: Paul John Christmas 2018 Limited Edition

Hailing from one of the most popular distilleries in India, Paul John is an excellent Whisky with a really adventurous flavour profile. This is their first Christmas release. It is lightly peated and perfect for a cosy night in front of the fire. It takes the Indian heat and brings it straight to your living room, which is exactly what us Vitamin D deprived Brits need (Disclaimer: Whisky should not be enjoyed as a vitamin D supplement. No matter how much you want it). The Whisky itself is brimming with Christmas flavours. The nose begins with fruitcake and sweet nuts. This develops into a fruit packed body, with citrus, cinnamon spices, sweet nuts and lots of sherry.

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