The Classic Select Cask is a pure adrenaline rush of taste

Published by Whisky Buzz on 26-Jul-2016.

Paul John 55.2% Classic Select Cask

Taste score: 97
Category: Indian Whisky, Malted Barley
Whisky Cabinet Score: ★ ★ ★ ★

Nose: Malty, soda, ginger, light on the nose. Beautiful malt sugars. Brown sugar. Butter. Salted caramel. Oak tannins. The zest reminds of of lime charred on top of a barbecue. It's a simple nose at first, but you can take your time and start to really appreciate the depth here. Oak spice is apparent and shows up beautifully.

Palate: Barley, oak, cinnamon, caramel, and a nice late hit of spice. The spice shows up later, though, allowing time for the sweeter oak notes to push through the front and middle of the taste profile. The malted sweetness is beautiful. There's an excellent transition from start to finish. The caramels mend well with the spice, it's closer to ginger spice than peppery. A wonderful buttery finish that keeps going.

Conclusion: Masters of hot-tempered climate whisky work at an accelerated pace. A whisky that is not ready one day might rapidly evolve in only a few days due to the hot climate. The Classic Select Cask is a pure adrenaline rush of taste with a wonderful transition of flavours.

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