DIVINE Paul John Classic Select Cask

Published by Jeannette Wentzel, South Africa on 22-Jan-2018.

ABV:  55.2%

COLOUR: Golden amber with light orange hints

NOSE: First up is whiffs of alcohol.  You need to let the liquid breath for a bit. After a few minutes, there is the smell of rich sweetness.  The Paul John Classic nose has notes of fresh baked apple pie sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, barley, faint hints of vanilla and candied fruits.  Complex and rich.  There is a wholesome yumminess on the nose that invites you to taste.

PALATE:  The yumminess from the nose translates onto the palate.  It is a beautiful, full bodied dram. Even at the 55.2% ABV, you don’t taste any alcohol and I could easily finish the glass without water.The palate itself has the perfect balance between spice and sweetness.

Hints of toffee, oak, baked apples, barley with bits of vanilla floating about.  Warming cinnamon and soft pepper is nicely balanced with honey sweetness.  After adding a bit of water, the spices softened and more honey came through.

FINISH:  Warming, long, lingering, complex, rich, with hints of oak, fruit and cinnamon.


What a HUGE note to start the year on.  Amrut set the bar very high in 2009 when they launched Fusion and the world started noticing Indian whisky.  But the Paul John easily vaulted over that high bar with this Classic Cask release.  Masterfully done!

The Paul John Classic Cask Select as well as the other expressions in the Paul John range is now available online at Norman Goodfellows.  Go on, give Paul John a try.  You will enjoy it.  

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