The Edited expression is distinct, rich tasting, and I found it very refreshing.

Published by NYC Whiskey Review on 26-Jul-2017.

Color: Amber gold

Nose: Peat, exotic fruit, barley, charred oak

Taste: Barley peat, caramel, chocolate, and light charred wood


The moment I put the glass to my nose I was immediately reminded me of scotch, and the first sip reminded me of Japanese whisky. After my second sip, I realized that Edited Single Malt has its own style and that style is impressive and of India.

The Edited expression is single malt, non-aged statement (NAS), and has a Highland style (Islay) taste with fruit. The peat, smoke, wood, and fruit flavors are balanced very well. The whisky is distinct, rich tasting, and I found it very refreshing.

Paul John Single Malts are distilled in Goa, India and were introduced to America in the summer of 2016. Goa is located in the Southwestern coast of India and has a tropical climate year round. Similar to Taiwan, the hot and humid climates mature the whisky much faster than cold climates. The flavor profiles from hot to cold climates are very different, but are a matter of opinion for you the drinker. I would not say climate creates a better flavor, but in my experience, maturation in warmer climates leads to richer flavors.

Many whiskies are now coming from countries that are not traditionally known for whisky production. Countries such as Germany, South Africa, Sweden, France, Taiwan, and Brooklyn (it is almost a country) are all in the business of making whisky. It is a great time for whisky right now and there is no shortage of places creating the spirits. I tell you this only to remind you to be open to trying everything. Do not be “Bourbon Only!” or “18 Year Old Single Malts are the only thing I will drink!” type of person. A closed-minded person is a boring person and even more so when it comes to whisky.

Price around $65 is Paul John Edited very good whisky at a very good price. I highly recommend it you try it.

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