Evidence of the grape arrives early: clean and well structured

Published by Whisky Bible 2017 on 01-Jan-2017.

Paul John Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish, evidence of the grape arrives early: clean and well structured. As spices form around it, it opens out to become more rounded and confident, even allowing vanilla to play an important role: intriguing! the delivery is soft and immediately salivating. Again, the fruit shows its hand quickly enough with an overly moist Melton Hunt Cake feel, as the raisins begin to feel a little more toasty and the molasses take up residence; spiced orange peel melds into the growing mocha as the intensity fails to diminish; oh, for the rare joy of a sulphur-free malt. And as complex a one as this, to boot. 57.4%.

Score : 94.5 Points, by Jim Murray.

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