First Indian Whisky I have ever tasted - Paul John BOLD

Published by Whisky Xarre on 25-Apr-2018.

Paul John BOLD

This single malt is made from indian barley which is grown in the foothills of Himalayas and peated with peat from Islay and Aberdeen. It's distilled with pot stills and bottled non chill filtered and colouring free at 46% ABV!

Nice to know: Paul John got an angel's share of 8% ....

A good friend of mine gave me this bottle to taste and review it, so here we go:

on the nose you get fresh citrus notes, spices like pepper, hints of maple syrup and finally ash.

On the palate the peatiness tastes a bit like a blend of laphroaig and bowmore but not that intense ..... I'd guess it's round about 25 ppm ..... it's also lightly fruity, again sweet syrupy and oaky.

The mid-length finish ends up with coffee and again ash.

A definitely well-priced (circa 40 bucks), interesting whisky.


Whisky Xarre,

Bavaria, Germany.

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