Indian whisky is on the rise, Just so charming and irresistible

Published by Whisky Bible 2017 on 01-Jan-2017.

Paul John Single Malt Classic (Un Peated) an essay in complexity: softly sizzling lightly salted bacon mingles easily with tannins. The barley, offering the vaguest hint of grist, is almost in pastel, so delicate is it, with the deftest touch of citrus and moist syrup cake; much more salivating on delivery than might be expected: the barley shows early and with pride. A bourbony manuka, honey-liquorice mix makes for an attractive spine with toasted honeycomb arriving in the mid ground; an elegant finish again with the barley chirping surprisingly brightly on the oak branches. The tannins remain checked and under control with juicy Demerara tones ensuring the softest and friendliest of finishes; further evidence that Indian whisky is on the rise. Just so charming…and irresistible. 55.2%.

Score : 95 Points by Jim Murray.

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