Paul John Bold gives a lengthy encore full of peatiness, spiciness and sweetness

Published by Barley Mania on 01-Aug-2017.

More than half of the Top 10 best-selling whisky brands in the world do not come from Scotland, Ireland or the US. They come from India. Although they sell hundreds of millions of liters per year, most of these spirits are of such impure make that they can only be sold domestically. Outside of India, they would not classify as whisky at all. Thankfully, there are exceptions. One Indian whisky brand that is held in very high regards by drammers all across the globe is Paul John. And rightfully so. While I can only base my judgement on their Bold expression (I have yet to try any other Paul Johns), there is little denying that these guys know their craft. Just like different dancers, musicians and singers complement one another in a world-class performance, a wealth of individual flavors comes together in this deep, potent – or should I say bold – whisky.

Eye: Full gold with a very light orange glimmer.

Nose: Behind a heavy curtain of medical smoke, the stars of the evening – oranges, cloves and peppermint leaves – are waiting for their cue.

Palate: Yellow fruits on the one side, different kinds of peat smoke on the other. Once the orchestra starts to play, a buoyant dance begins right there on our tongue. Banana takes soot by the hand, seabuckthorn spins phenol around and apricot cuts the rug with ash.

Finish: To round off a great performance, the Paul John Bold gives a lengthy encore full of peatiness, spiciness and sweetness.

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