Paul John Bold rightfully claim their place in the whiskey world

Published by Whisky & Vinyl on 29-Oct-2017.

The first impression was slightly unusual at first. At first I had a very distinct butternote, mixed with fresh tobacco - I did not really like it. I then put the glass aside confused and waited a moment. Butter stays, tobacco remains - but not soooo very much in the foreground. Also, then a slight citrus sweetness has shown, honey and light smoke. Quite interesting, but the nose leaves me quite zwiegespalten back. 

Beautifully soft and oily, the Paul John Bold spreads . What irritated me a bit in the nose, is no longer here - it remains the citrus and honey. Added to this are malt, spices and a nice pepper note. The smoke is more present and it develops a slightly maritime character. Comes overall nice.

I like that. Medium to long, slightly dry, smoky, very malty-sweet and pleasantly warm. Beautiful, straight-lined finish that leaves a very pleasant feeling.

Well, I'll stick with it, my nose makes me split and probably is not my cup of tea. But I am all the more surprised by how different he is in the other areas. Palate and finish are clean and unfussy, because you can not complain at all. Some scotch does not get that nice.

As with many Indian whiskeys, you do not notice Paul John Bold's supposed youth. I also liked the smoke and its intensity very much and meet my current taste quite well. The 46% are definitely right, natural color and lack of cooling filtration anyway a plus. 
Also you can also speak of a good price-performance ratio.

John Distilleries definitely show with the Paul John Bold why they are one of the Indian distilleries who rightfully claim their place in the whiskey world.

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