Paul John provides a genuinely enjoyable sipping experience on its own

Published by The Whiskey Wash on 09-Aug-2016.

When it comes to whiskey, major spirit categories are often separated into American (including bourbon), Canadian, Irish, Scotch, and then simply “World” whiskies. However, more and more countries are developing their own traditions and identities within the global whiskey market, and India is no exception to this. This is where we discover Paul John Edited Indian single malt whisky.

Tasting Notes: Paul John Edited

Vital Stats: 46% ABV (80.56 proof according to labeling), no age statement, 100% malted barley, $65 per 750 ml bottle.

Appearance: Overall look is similar to a peach tea. Shades of light amber and honey with pale, pinkish hues. Thin and quick legs.

Nose: Decent heat from the alcohol mingling with peat smoke, pineapple, coriander, coffee, greenish barley notes, charred oak.

Palate: A complex palate, without being busy. Simultaneously smoky, spicy, and sweet, there are loads of spice notes to be sifted here. I am catching fennel seed and turmeric as well as salted butter, caramel, and toffee. The finish is bright, sweet, and subtly smoky, with some flavors on the tail end of the burn, which is of medium intensity and length, culminating with some dry cocoa notes.


It is safe to say that there is now solid competition building in the arena of Indian single malts. Paul John not only holds its own as a regional example, it provides a genuinely enjoyable sipping experience on its own. The depth of flavor and aroma were balanced quite well. Peeling apart layers in the nose and palate was a joy, whereas this can too easily turn into a chore in other similarly dense whiskies. The expression in a glass adds more in the way of diversity to any collection than just the words on the label.

Far from being a mere novelty due to the relative rareness of Indian single malts, Paul John is just simply good whisky.

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