A sexy, sultry, sympathetic exhibition of smoke on varying levels

Published by Whisky Bible 2017 on 01-Jan-2017.

Paul John Select Cask Peated a sexy, sultry, sympathetic exhibition of smoke on varying levels…though all of them soft. A tantalising chocolate mint hangs of the embers, which glow both sweet and dry. Peated whisky from outside Islay rarely comes as complex and beautiful as this, or as deliciously gristy; a massive delivery. Massive yet tender and subtle. How does that happen? Again, cocoa quickly fills the middle but there is more than enough molasses to counter. The weight and depth are spot on, as are the spices which get off to a delicate start but soon get into the swing of things; long, fabulously oiled and just-so amounts of gristy sugars clinging to the smoke. As charming and impressionistic as an Indian kitchen fire wafting its smoke over a remote village in the nearby valleys; a peated malt whisky which will make a few people sit up and take even further notice of Indian whisky. World class… 46%

Score : 96 Points, by Jim Murray.

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