Solid flavours with great structure and transitions, Perfect spice control

Published by Whisk Nick on 25-Sep-2016.

Tasting Notes:

Paul John Indian Single Malt Bold ☆ [Recommended]

Style: Fresh and Peaty


Take off with a sublime aroma of green mango and coconut jam. Vanilla  pods, oak with a trace of smoke and ash. The acidity brings out the  sweetness and creamy notes. Barley sugar undertone.


Green fruits overture quickly disrupted by herbal ashy peat. Tropical  notes run on a slightly sour edge combines with the spice perfectly to  give a stirring freshness. Macadamias and peanuts, uncovering another  layer of dusty peat and smoke, while herbal tea floating lightly at the  back. Fascinating structure… Vanilla and bitter oak surfacing towards  the end.


Milky, herbal and hints of peat rolling on. A rare combination but it has worked pretty well.


Intriguing profile –  something I never had before. Unconventional combination of herbal,  cream, nuts and peat worked like a charm here and it is immensely  enjoyable! Solid flavours with great structure and transitions. Perfect  spice control. Perhaps not many people know about Indian single malt,  but they are making truly beautiful whiskies.

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