The Tippling Point - On World Whisky Day, a warm intro to 4 phenomenal Indian whiskys

Published by Money Control on 21-May-2022.

Today, the third Saturday of May is World Whisky Day. It is an auspicious occasion to showcase four of the phenomenal whiskies from our country.

Paul John, the single malt whisky from John distilleries, Goa, has already built a huge reputation among elite whisky aficionados across the country.

As a gentle introduction to peat and Scotch whisky in general, it can vie with any Scottish whisky in terms of quality. Sourcing barley from Rajasthan and Haryana to the foothills of the Himalayas (again), Paul John is serious about what should go into building premium stuff. The quality of the grain is so high and layered that the Single Malt dripping down from the end of the pipe has a robust character and depth. The peculiar climate of Goa and the water Paul John taps into from the place, add more magic to the single malt.

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